Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slowly inching towards handover!

The fence and the mess out the front has been cleaned up... we can finally see our house! Looks pretty good! 

The pool is nearly finished, just the capping and the filter to be installed.  You might also notice that we now have a fence!  This was put up last weekend, we have left a little bit open so that we can get the soil for the turf in.

We can't wait for a swim!

Out handover date has been set down for next Thursday!  We have booked our removalist for next Friday! YAY!!!  Everyone cross your fingers that we have no problems!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carpet and more pics of the floors!

Carpet was laid on Monday!  Very happy... should be reasonably kid proof... well, as kid proof as a carpet that is not designed with Pro Hart in mind will ever be!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I have always been a glass half full person...

Now I am a pool all full person!!!!

But, it is so dirty! Lucky we have this little robot all ready to clean the pool up!

We sigh with relief!!!

The process of making choices regarding everything from paintwork, to tile and splashbacks, cupboards and flooring, and never really knowing how it will all look together is really stressful... and today we started to see it all come together. The timber floors, started going in, and we are more than happy with what we have seen so far!

The entrance hallway looks stunning (IMO)!
The dining room is breathtaking!

Really, we love it!

The boards have so many natural features, we really were hoping to get!

I am pretty sure that this will be the only time you will see a pile of junk in the family room. Actually, I probably couldn't be more wrong, we have a ten month old after all!

The floorboards against the wet area tiles look great - well, we think so! 

So much is about to happen in the next couple of weeks! Our SS (they are his feet in the above photo) could not have done a better job! We are on the home stretch now, and like he said today, its all in the details!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There is a driveway!!!

Our driveway was laid today...

Now hubby can get busy backfilling soil ready for the grass to be laid!!!

EDIT - The colour is Bluestone, blogger wont let me comment on my own post, I hope you see this Superwoman!

We have a pool!!!!!

So the pool was delivered today...

On a crane...

And they put sand and cement into the hole...

And lifted the pool in place... 

It is very blue!

Water was put into the pool...

And we are ready to start landscaping the backyard!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

We are getting so close to completion! They have boxed out the driveway, and are ready to lay it... too bad it rained all week!

The internals had a really good clean this week, so we can start to see what things will look like!

Our splashback was installed. It looks much darker in this picture than in real life!

The bathrooms look exactly how we were hoping!

The feature tiles, finally arrived, and have been installed!

So now we are on the home straight!  We have an inspection this Friday, and we should be in within two weeks!