Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bricklaying Progress Update

Here are some progress photos from last Saturday, demonstrating what the brickies managed to achieve within a day.

We had originally chosen chose a raked finish on the mortar, but our helpful SS and brickie contacted us to recommend that we went with an ironed finish when they saw the bricks. We followed their advice, and are super happy with the result.

Brickwork on the front of the house, outside the Home Theatre.

The side of the house - you can kind of see what the final colour will look like - the bricks need a good clean, but we are happy so far.

Another view of the Home Theatre: 

The side of the house showing the corbelling. 

The ensuite window:

We are happy with the progress, and the brickies should get a round of applause for cracking on with the work!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frame is up, plumbing done!

The framing was finished this week.  The plumbers turned up at the end of the week, and have finished running all of the water and gas lines.

View from the back of the house:

The garages:

 Our future bathtub:

The stacker door out to the Alfresco:

The view from the front:

The alfresco area: 

The future outdoor kitchen:

Word from the SS is that our bricks will be delivered this week, and the brickies should start on Thursday. At this stage the weather looks like it will be good for bricklaying!