Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a woman's perogative...

... to change her mind.
We had our kitchen appointment with the the people who build the kitchen and all of the cabinets in the home, and surprise... we have changed our mind about a couple of things!
The kitchen is now going to be all Polyurethane - I was surprised with the price - it wasn't quite as bad as I thought!
We have upgraded the counter tops on the vanities to Ceasarstone, they will be Osprey like the kitchen.

It looks kind of pink in this picture, but it really isn't!

So add a cupboard here and there and make a few changes, and we have used up the allowances we had worked into the tender, but hopefully it will be all worth it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Serious switches

We had our electrical appointment and oh what fun!
What we have added:
- Keyless remotes for the alarm system
- Downlights through all of the living and entry areas of the house
- Downlights out the front
- Downlights and a sweep fan to the alfreso area
- Updown lights to the verandah
- Footer lights in the back hallway near the bathroom - should make it easier for the little guy to get to the bathroom without bumping his head!
- Power for the swimming pool
- A micro switch to turn the light on and off in the pantry automatically - I wont have to nag anyone to turn off the light, but I suspect I may be nagging people to shut the door!
- Power, gas point and water to the BBQ area - allegedly essential for an 'outdoor kitchen'
- Power and a TV point to the alfresco area - perfect for watching footy while cooking a BBQ
- Double powerpoints everywhere! Wisdom are actually really awesome, as they include a double in every room - you don't get that with all builders
- Pendant lights to the kitchen island
- Big crazy lights in the garage - apparently these are essential???
- Outdoor sensor lights at the back and sides
- Indoor switches to turn the lights on at the pool

We have double switches all over the place, and the electrical consultant was really good at helping us come up with ideas to make everything work really well. Super exciting!

Not looking forward to the power bill!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DA Approval

Well, we have DA approval!!!  Not long now, and we should see some real action!