Friday, May 27, 2011

I am starting to think we might actually be building a house

So the block has been leveled out, and the formwork has been put up ready for the slab.

The view from the front corner of the block:

The main power to our house, and a lovely view of the waffle pods:

The back of the house which will have drop edge beams to support the structure:

We have a lot of drains and stuff:

Our piering:

A view across the block from the garage:

Our site supervisor has told us that we should expect the slab to be laid this Wednesday... a quick check of the weather indicates a 90% chance of rain, so cross your fingers that we have a bit of luck!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

An update of sorts

Over the last few weeks we found out that our land is actually considered bushfire prone with a rating of 12.5 - which is the lowest rating. We had previously been told that we were not affected. This has meant that there were a number of additional requirements we need to meet for our building to be legal. Some of the things are included in the Basix requirements, but there were others that have become variations.  Before we knew whether we were impacted we really struggled to find details about what it meant to build on bushfire prone land, so for anyone who might be wondering, here is what we need to do to comply with the requirements:

So, it looks like we are finally through with all of the admin involved in building a new home.  We have been allocated a Site Supervisor, and he has called and let us know that they will start the piering within a week or two!