Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Garage door joy!

The garage doors went on today. It's looking very houselike which is exciting. Here are a couple of shots of the progress!.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Whoa... how much work can they do in a week?

Well, it looks like quite a bit!  Internal linings are complete and most of the lighting holes have been cut out!

The garage looks awesome!

The front door is in place!

We are very pleased with our super awesome (I am banned from calling things 'pretty') front door!

Here is another door... we think it is the laundry door!

They have put holes in my lovely gyprock... but that's okay because they will soon have downlights in them!

Another perfect hole!

More holes!

Even more holes!

 Our hallway!

More holes in our family room!

Waterproofing in our bathroom!

Our alfresco area, with more holes!

Our lovely cornice!

More of the alfresco area!

Door, doors, doors! And door frames!

Our stripey doors!

Loving the cornice! A lot.

Waterproofing stuff in our ensuite!

The niche in our ensuite! It will look prettier when it's all tiles!

Some waterproofing goop!

Our bedroom cornice!

More cornice!

Our pantry and the niche into the family room! Looking pretty!

More bathroom waterproofing stuff! 

The main bathroom shower, it looks a bit average right now, but I think it will look fantastic when its all done!

The bathtub! 

More bathtub!

Our SS who has been absolutely amazing at keeping us up to date is predicting a move in date around 6-8 weeks... The kitchen is due to go in next week, can't wait to see what it looks like! So very excited!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

So in our return to normal coverage, here is the walk through after some crazy plasterers did a weeks work in a couple of days!

Here is the front entrance.

Where the front door will be one day!

The entrance hallway - we are so happy with the high ceilings!

The home theatre area.

The view from our bedroom into the ensuite!

The media alcove in our bedroom.

Our new laundry.

The family room and dining area.

The pantry.

The kitchen.

More family room.

Spare bedroom.

Our sons new bedroom!

The window in our sons room!

Our new bathroom!

The shower!

The alfresco area.

Alfresco into the garage.

The view from the family room back to the dining area.

So all in all, a super busy week, and our house is really looking like a house!