Monday, February 21, 2011

Lodged with Council

Our plans have been lodged with council today! To say that we are excited would be an understatement!!!
We have noticed that lots of single story dwellings are getting approved within two weeks, so cross your fingers people!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Colour Selections - Facade

For our exterior finishes, we have tried to go for a neutral, low maintenance look that hopefully will not date too quickly.

Our roof tiles are Gun Metal from Bristile Roofing.

We were somewhat limited by our brick selection as we are in a area where salinity needs to be considered.  We have chosen the Whitsunday's range in the Carlisle colour.

The render on the verandah posts and front of the house will be painted in Taubmans Coffee Cake. 

The garage doors will be in Colourbond Dune.
 The guttering, fascia and downpipes are in Colourbond Woodland Grey.

The windows of the house will be in this lovely colour.

Colour Selections - Bathroom

We don't actually select our final tiles until after the slab is layed - something about not wanting us to select tiles that we can't have if they are not in stock. We have haunted the aisles of DiLorenzos on many a Saturday morning, and we have decided we are going to be going to a charcoal coloured floor tile, with plain white wall tiles, and a glass feature tile in a greyish/coffeeish colour. 
We picked the colours for the rest of the bathroom with that plan in mind.

The benchtops will be a fairly neutral base, as we have white porcelain semi-recessed sinks, so they should be the feature.

Our cabinets will be the same colour as the kitchen floor cupboards, and they are raised off the floor, so there will not be a direct continuation from the dark floor to the cupboard.

Colour Selections - Kitchen

We had our first colour selection appointment with the brilliant people at Wisdom Homes today! We are really happy with the guidance we were given, and so happy with the outcome! There were some things we had not even thought about having, but ended up happier than we thought we might be!

So here is the start of the many things we have chosen:

Kitchen benchtops

Floor cabinets

Poly Wall Units

Glass Splashback

We have also chosen stainless kickboards to set off the pretty stainless appliances in the kitchen!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Land Registration

So we finally got word that the land has registered. Only five months after we were orignally promised!

This is view from the street!