Saturday, October 23, 2010

And so we begin

We have recently purchased a block of land at Spring Farm, and we are waiting (patienty) for the land to register. After many weekends trawling through display homes, we have decided that our original favourite design the Wisdom Prosperity 26 MKII is the home for us, and we are now eagerly waiting for our tender.

We were tossing up between the 26 and 29, the only thing holding us back was the size of bedrooms, our consultant suggested extending the back of the house slightly to enlarge the bedrooms and the family Room, and the decision was easy! So here is the siting request with the extra length and a triple garage! 

We are now tossing up on whether we should move the home back a litle bit from the front boundary to give us a larger front garden - this will still give us 8 metres from the back of the house to the fence. Decisons!