Friday, June 24, 2011

Flooring porn

We are definitely sold on the Boral Silkwood Spotted Gum floors for the main living areas.  So pretty!

Hubby is planning an attic extension...

Thankfully we have had really good weather this week, if you don't count 100km an hour winds, but that was just once.

The frame started going up on Tuesday... and then it poured!

The windows were delivered... we are very relieved that we are happy with the colour! 

By Friday, the house looked like this... 

The view from the back corner...

There is so much timber in this house!!! 

This is the side view...
So the chippies reckon they will be done by Monday, and the plumbers will be in to get more done.

Monday, June 20, 2011


We completed our inital flooring selections at DiLorenzo last week - we are waiting on the pricing estimate, what we have chosen so far are:

Boral Silkwood flooring in either Blackbutt or Spotted Gum (Hubby is voting for the Blackbutt, however, Spotted Gum has a higher Janka rating, so it has my vote at the moment)


The bathroom tiles for the main and ensuite are quite neutral, we have a square charcoal floor tile, with a rectangular plain white tile on the walls. 

The bathroom feature tiles are a glass tile in a mocha colour, which matches the kitchen glass splashback.

We are getting these pretty square floorwastes, rather than the standard ones - I love, love, love these!

The front entry tiles are a charcoal colour grip tile, which will match the driveway and footpath. (They look a bit bluish here, but they are definitely charcoal colour in real life)

He who shall not be named didn't take a photo of the carpet, but it is a nice dark beige coloured carpet with a squarish pattern... avid readers will have to wait until it is laid in the house to see how pretty it is!!!

We are eagerly awaiting all of the pricing information, and trying to avoid looking at any further flooring so that we don't change our minds again!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisdom are seriously getting busy!

More rain this week... it has pretty much rained non-stop since Monday!
Our frame was delivered today...

There is so much timber... 

And some roof beams...

They have started digging the outside trenches... although it looks more like a river at the moment! 

Our swimming pool is in, although its not in the right spot...  

So next post should see something that will look like a house.

We have our appointment with DiLorenzo's this week, so I expect that we will be somewhat poorer after we make our flooring choices!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Give me a slab

Once upon a time, a slab meant 24 bottles of our favourite bevie.  Now, that we are all grown up, a slab is the foundation of our future together.  The slab was laid this week, and we couldn't be more excited.  Our block of land is no longer referred to as 'The Block', it is now 'The House'.

So here is a pic from the front corner.

 The view of our porch.

 The garages and alfresco area.

The general layout. 

Our SS has told us that the frame will be delivered this week, and we should see some exciting progress!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Whoever is doing a raindance, please cease and desist!!!

Our excitement was somewhat dampened (pun intended) by the inclement weather this week past. We were really hoping for a slab, but the weather had other ideas with record rainfall most of the week.

Wisdom are no slouches though, and our SS contacted us on Friday to let us know that the waffle pods and reinforcement were being put in, and that we can expect a slab early next week!

Even without a slab, it really feels like things have progressed.

This is the view from the front right corner of the block!

A side view of the garages and future entertaining area!

 The back corner of the block, where the drop edge beams need to be installed.

The view from across the road! 

It looks like the wather might just play nice next week, and our next update really will include a slab!